Choosing a steel and aluminium mould manufacturer

When it comes to casting and fabrication, it’s crucial to use a mould that was explicitly created to your design specifications. Steel and aluminium mould manufacturers can help you realise all the possibilities that exist within your business. These companies often use sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-assisted machining (CAM) software to transform your supplied designs to create custom steel and aluminium casting moulds. As a result, your moulds are manufactured quickly and accurately.

What sets Delta Rubber apart as a mould manufacturer?

Quality machinists: Delta Rubber’s machinists provide ingenuity in machining that solves customers’ challenges. We have extensive knowledge of steel and aluminium moulds with various casting properties and related equipment. As a result, our machinists can produce moulds in bulk and offer a broader range of metal moulds of consistent high quality.

Quality inspections: Our quality control (QC) department is engineered with the latest measuring equipment. In addition, Delta Rubber has access to an array of comprehensive manual testing and measuring equipment for custom steel and aluminium casting moulds. Most importantly, we employ experienced and educated inspectors to ensure the quality consistency of our products.

Delta Rubber can design and manufacture steel and aluminium moulds in-house. We design and manufacture moulds for existing and new clients using CNC equipment to meet strict specifications in accordance with the mould design required. Our machining services comprise 2D and 3D milling, solid modelling and design, mould and jig manufacturing, mould maintenance and repairs, CNC production milling, and CNC programming.

Contact Delta Rubber for details

If you are looking for a steel and aluminium mould manufacturer for your specific application, please get in touch with a representative from Delta Rubber today. Our work is accomplished from design to completion with a total commitment to the quality standards established by our customers and us. We guarantee dependable service with on-time delivery of high-quality moulds, tooling, and production parts.

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