We provide a range of couplings, seals, separators, compression rings, and other products for high and low-voltage electrical equipment.

Rubber bobbins

Rubber bobbins are used in a range of applications in the automotive industry and electrical equipment. Thanks to its simple design, it is a type of rubber mounting that can easily be installed under a compression load, shear load, or at an angle.

Machine feet

We provide machine feet in various styles and sizes for lightweight precision applications in electrical equipment. They are available with or without rebound control and across multiple rubber compounds.

Rubber bushes

Rubber bushes are an antivibration part comprising cylindrical inner and outer metals with specialised rubber mouldings in between. It is used for the suspension in various directions, including radial, torsional, axial, and conical.

Sandwich mountings

Sandwich mounts are easily identified as two metal plates with rubber sandwiched between them. These mounts are manufactured in a range of sizes and styles that incorporate various installation features. They offer different stiffnesses in three loading directions.

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