From loco bellows to adaptors and mountings, we produce a wide array of products for the railway industry. Our antivibration railway improve the comfort and safety of railway vehicles.

Stop buffers

Our stop buffers have either a mounting plate or single fixing stud and are designed to protect against high-impact shock in overhead cranes, as an example.

Couplers and drawgear

Our flexible rubber components are frequently used in couplers and drawgear. By combining different dimensions, the number of rubber elements and metal interleaves, and rubber compounds, you can achieve various spring characteristics to suit each application.

Control links

These control arms or link arm assemblies are generally manufactured according to our customers’ requirements. Usually, these products may incorporate fully bonded bushes or rubber bearings. While they are mainly manufactured for the railway industry, control links can also be used in automotive or off-highway vehicle suspension systems.

Rolling rubber springs

Rolling rubber mounts consist of a rubber ring, tapered insert, and metal housing. However, the metal parts are not bonded to the rubber ring through vulcanisation. These springs help with dampening vibrations in railway vehicles.

Rubber bearings

Delta Rubber manufactures various rubber bearings for applications like railway and road vehicle suspensions and engine and gearbox mountings, etc. These rubber bearings are manufactured in multiple designs for different fitment options.

Rubber bushes

Rubber bushes are an antivibration part comprising cylindrical inner and outer metals with specialised rubber mouldings in between. It is used for the suspension in various directions, including radial, torsional, axial, and conical.

Air suspensions

Delta Rubber offers various air springs and complete air spring systems and can manufacture bespoke air suspension systems according to our clients’ requirements.

Chevrons springs

Chevron springs or axle springs are simple to install and easy to maintain. In addition, they are durable and highly customisable simply by adjusting their installation angle.

Railway engine mounts

Engine mounts are used to secure the engine and gearbox into machinery and absorb any vibrations and shocks that could damage the engine during operation. These railway components are made from high-quality rubber and steel.

Rubber drive couplings

Rubber drive couplings smoothly transmit torque and power safely between shafts in various degrees of angular misalignment, shock, and vibration. While Delta Rubber has multiple sizes and designs available, we can create rubber products to your specific requirements in the railway industry.

Conical mounts

Cone mounts or cab mounts are usually used with protective overload and rebound washers. These components restrict any movement under high-shock loads. They are available in various sizes, installation configurations, and rubber compound options.

Sandwich mounts

Sandwich mounts are easily identified as two metal plates with rubber sandwiched between them. These mounts are manufactured in a range of sizes and styles that incorporate various installation features. They offer different stiffnesses in three loading directions.

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