Delta Rubber manufactures a wide range of rubber buffers from specially formulated rubber compounds for various screen machines applications in the mining industry.

Rubber buffers absorb kinetic energy from aggregates and assemblies. The rubber bumper stops manufactured by Delta Rubber are naturally shock absorbing and sturdy enough to stop solid parts from damaging each other. In addition, rubber buffers and rubber buffer stops are easy to install, low-maintenance and low-cost solutions for absorbing shock and vibration.

Delta Rubber’s rubber buffers and rubber bumper stops are manufactured in special rubber compounds to meet specific environmental factors, including exposure to extreme temperatures, oils, acids, solvents, and ozone.

Rubber buffers have a range of applications, from construction to mechanical engineering. As a result, there are different types of rubber buffers.

Rubber Mountings

Rubber mounting buffers have a wide range of uses, from industrial and automotive applications to electrical equipment. This type of rubber buffer is easily installed thanks to its simple design. Rubber buffers can be installed under a compression load, shear load, or at an angle.

Stop buffers

Stop rubber buffers are designed to protect against high-impact shock. They are available with either a single fixing stud or a mounting plate. Application examples of stop rubber buffers include the impact absorption for overhead cranes.

Buffer rails

Rectangular buffers can be cut from rubber buffer rails. As a result, different length mounts are possible without the need to invest in mould tooling. Because of this, our lead times are kept to a minimum.

Rubber pads

Rubber pads generally consist of a steel base plate bonded to a rubber section through vulcanisation. Rubber vibration pads can be manufactured in various sizes and rubber hardness options. As such, these rubber pads protect against unwanted shock and vibration in a wide range of applications. In addition, they are easily installed using fixing holes in the backing plates.

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