Fluid sealing


Enhance your fluid control with polymer valve components, flanges, pump boots, seals, couplings, bearings and more. We have an extensive catalogue of products to suit your needs.

Hydraulic rubber seals

We offer a selection of hydraulic fluid sealing products. These rubber seals are moulded based on a client’s specified criteria, like working temperature, cylinder speed and operating pressure, application, and medium.

Pneumatic seals ensure air doesn’t escape from cylinders and prevent foreign matter from entering them. Pneumatic seals are generally made from acetyl, butyl, EPDM, flurosilicone, perfluoroelastomer (G-Plast), natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile, nylon, polyurethane, PTFE, silicon, etc.

Piston seals

Piston seals ensure that no liquid passes around the piston from the system pressure that pushes the piston down the cylinder.

Rod seals

Rod seals work in conjunction with wiper seals to protect against outside contaminants like dust and dirt.

Wiper seals

Wiper seals are often used with other sealing components to ensure a tight fit.

Wear rings

Wear rings are used to keep the piston centralised for even wear and stress on the seals.

Back-up rings

Back-up rings are used in combination with O-Rings for static and dynamic sealing applications. These rubber seals prevent O-rings from bulging under high pressures. Ideally, two back-up rings, one on each side of the O-ring, should be used.


O-rings are rubber seals usually moulded from elastomers to form a static or dynamic seal. Static O-rings are used to maintain a vacuum, while dynamic O-ring seals can be rotating. These rubber seals can seal thousands of PSI pressure and are common in various applications. In addition, O-rings are easy to manufacture and are one of the most inexpensive rubber seals.


If you need reliable rubber manufacturers that specialise in a range of rubber seals used in various industrial applications, contact the team at Delta Rubber today.


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