We supply a range of resistant seals and other rubber parts for the agricultural industry. These rubber products reduce operational noise and vibration in various heavy machinery for improved longevity and better maintenance intervals.

Rubber bobbins

Rubber bobbins are used in a range of applications in the agricultural industry. Thanks to its simple design, it is a type of rubber mounting that can easily be installed under a compression load, shear load, or at an angle.

Stop buffers

Our stop buffers have either a mounting plate or single fixing stud and are designed to protect against high-impact shock in overhead cranes, as an example.

Machine feet

We provide machine feet in various styles and sizes for lightweight precision applications and heavy-duty machinery in the agricultural industry. They are available with or without rebound control and across multiple rubber compounds.

Buffer rails

Rubber buffer rails can be manufactured in various sizes to cut rectangular mounts in different lengths without the need for mould tooling. This helps to keep our lead times to a minimum.

Rubber bearings

Delta Rubber manufactures various rubber bearings for applications like vehicle suspensions and engine and gearbox mountings, etc. These rubber bearings are manufactured in multiple designs for different fitment options.

Rubber bushes

Rubber bushes are an antivibration part comprising cylindrical inner and outer metals with specialised rubber mouldings in between. It is used for the suspension in various directions, including radial, torsional, axial, and conical.

Rubber pads

Rubber pads generally comprise a steel base plate bonded to a rubber section through vulcanisation and can be manufactured in several sizes and rubber hardness. As a result, these rubber pads protect against unwanted shock and vibration in numerous applications. In addition, they are easily installed thanks to the fixing holes in the backing plates.

Rubber springs

Rubber springs can be provided in various sizes and designs for high levels of effective shock absorption. These specialised rubber mouldings can hold considerable weight, making them ideal for the agricultural industry. In addition, we can supply the rubber springs with metal inserts to help with installation.

Cone mounts

Cone mounts or cab mounts are usually used with protective overload and rebound washers. These components restrict any movement under high-shock loads. They are available in various sizes, installation configurations, and rubber compound options.

Rubber mounts

The classic design of rubber mounts allows for easy installation for various applications that require restricted vertical movement.

Rubber dampers

These shock absorbers reduce shock transfer to the rest of the structure by flexing. This results from using a hard rubber compound to produce rubber dampers that ensure high-shock absorption properties.

Bolster springs

Generally, bolster springs are installed in the suspension systems of off-highway vehicles in pairs at a specific angle to a vertical axis.

Rubber drive couplings

Rubber drive couplings smoothly transmit torque and power safely between shafts in various degrees of angular misalignment, shock, and vibration. While Delta Rubber has multiple sizes and designs available, we can create rubber products to your specific requirements in the agricultural industry.

Conical mounts

Conical mounts of conical suspensions springs have a compact design incorporating slots in the rubber sections to alter their horizontal stiffness. As a result, these mounts offer effective noise and vibration control for various vehicles used in the agricultural industry.

Sandwich mounts

Sandwich mounts are easily identified as two metal plates with rubber sandwiched between them. These mounts are manufactured in a range of sizes and styles that incorporate various installation features. They offer different stiffnesses in three loading directions.

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