What is Rubber?

What is Rubber?


Natural, as well as synthetic rubber, has been widely used in industry, both having a valuable place in their applications. The way that they are made and the properties of each are what separate one from the other. Rubber is an elastomeric polymer type of material which means that it can be deformed and can return to its original form.


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What is Natural Rubber?


Natural rubber was first seen in commercial use in the early 1900s. It is produced from Latex, which can be obtained from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, the rubber Figtree or the Panama rubber tree. In its original form, it is not what we would expect rubber to be, or to behave like until it has undergone mastication, calendering, blending, extrusion and vulcanisation.

Vulcanised rubber is typically used to produce automotive tyres, medical products, and seals, etc.

Natural rubber is highly durable, resilient, and elastic. It is very resistant to damage and has high tensile strength.


What is Synthetic Rubber?


At a later stage in the 20th century, synthetic rubbers began to be developed by polymerizing monomers to create polymers and today include the nitrile and silicone variants.


For all the advantages that natural rubber has, synthetic rubber has been seen to be more versatile in its application.


Against natural rubber, synthetic rubber has high durability and longevity. It is also resistant to chemical degradation and mechanical damage. It can maintain its flexibility at very low temperatures and is resistant to sunlight and other weather conditions. It is more resistant than natural rubber to environments where it is exposed to oxidizing compounds, oils, grease, and a variety of other extreme conditions.


Different types of synthetic rubber will also have their own unique properties. In the case of nitrile rubber, it has impressive resistance to fuels and oils and is typically used in industry to make seals, diaphragms, packaging, and blankets.

Silicone rubber is resistant to sunlight, ozone, and high temperatures, and offers mechanical and chemical properties which make it highly suitable for industrial applications.


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