Rubber Components in Industry

Rubber Components in Industry

Rubber components can be required for different applications in industry. Typical industries where the use of rubber components is found are the manufacturing, automotive, construction and medical industries and can be used in the making of hoses, belts, roofs, and mechanical products. They are typically sought after for their mechanical properties of strength and durability, but several other benefits can be had from using rubber components.


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The Characteristics and Advantages of using Rubber


Rubber components are weather resistant and can be used easily in a variety of outdoor applications without the material of the rubber being affected. It is not affected by varying temperatures, or other environmental factors such as wind, rain, or UV rays. The rubber product will typically remain durable at higher temperatures.


Rubber is also fire resistant, typically being used as an insulator for fire which can prevent fire from spreading and causing damage to the product. It also emits less toxic chemicals into the air when exposed to fire as opposed to other types of insulators. Rubber components can also act as insulators for moisture and other liquids.


The myriad of shapes that rubber can be found in also makes its use very versatile. Depending on your requirements, it is possible to easily shape the rubber to the specifications that you need. When exposed to high pressures, rubber is also able to remain durable and keep its shape under these extremes. Rubber components can also be produced in a variety of colours that can be used to suit your particular application.


Because of its high durability, it is also resistant to abrasion that would normally damage other materials. Rubber components will also protect the product itself from mechanical abrasion.


Impermeable, it is also able to handle liquids such as oils and grease which will not have an impact on the structure of the rubber. Rubber components used in this way assist in increasing the longevity of a product that needs to be oiled frequently.


Rubber components also can reduce the noise that emanates from machinery. It can reduce vibration and is well suited for use with heavy machinery that emanates substantial noise.


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