The Various Uses of Rubber

Rubber is a versatile material that is used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Its use is so common that it is often disguised in our daily lives. The reality is that it has brought about great advantages in its use that have made our lives easier and more convenient. Some of the most common uses for rubber include the production of hoses, tubes, tyres, flooring and medical equipment, etc.


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Rubber in our Daily Lives


One of the most notable rubber inventions was the development of the latex glove by William Stewart Halsted at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. A hospital nurse, whom William later married, began to develop skin irritation from the scrubbing that needed to be done at the hospital. Hospitals at the time were not as serious as we are today about sterile environments and the development of these gloves in fact increased the success rate of surgical procedures, the world over.


Rubber has continued to be used in the healthcare industry in several other advantageous ways. In this industry, rubber is useful in that it can withstand heat, is easy to clean and sterilize, and is resistant to the application of a variety of chemicals.


Used in the transportation industry, the properties of rubber are beneficial in that it assists with creating tight fits, prevents slippages, and further assists with shock absorption.


With regard to its industrial uses, the qualities of rubber are useful for protection, easy cleaning, shock absorption, resilience, and adherence.


The use of rubber has also been found in school and office products, including for rubber bands and pencil erasers, as well as in the sports industry for the ability of rubber to bounce, as in the case of badminton shuttlecocks, golf balls, exercise mats and more.


The use of rubber can be found in almost any industry and is often overlooked for its beneficial qualities that we often take for granted. Delta Rubber is your trusted high-quality rubber component manufacturer. Contact Delta Rubber today to speak to their friendly sales team for more information and a quotation.


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