Rubber Moulded Components

A variety of shapes and designs, for many different applications, can be made with rubber. The chains in the polymer of the rubber interconnect within the moulding process and create a design where the rubber components are connected and are flexible, but also maintain their shape. Here are some examples of the most common types of rubber moulded components found.


Rubber Bumpers


These are rubber moulded components designed to reduce movement and vibration in the parts of a particular product that are susceptible to vibration and damage. The type of material used to create this type of bumper is normally a mixture of rubber polymers. They are used to protect products like furniture, displays, circuit boards and are used in some forms of packaging applications.


Rubber Bushes


Rubber bushes are also used to absorb vibration, but that which occurs on machinery and moving parts. The typical design is a cylinder but they are mostly designed to fit over or enclose a particular part. Not only can it be placed on a particular piece of machinery, but it can also be placed between two parts of machinery to prevent the transfer of vibration. The use of rubber bushes is typically seen in motor vehicles, motorbikes, and trucks and protects the machinery from the vibrations caused by driving, riding, or other movements.


Rubber Diaphragms


A rubber diaphragm is a disk that is designed with rubber to perform the function of sealing a particular part or product and protecting it against friction or leaks. They can be used as barriers between two sections of a particular product, and where applied with pressure, can protect both parts of the product.


Rubber Grommets


Rubber grommets are rubber moulded components designed as a stopper to be inserted into particular products or machinery to prevent liquids or other material from passing through. They are also typically used to protect wiring where they are inserted around the wire or into a metal chamber, protecting the wire from damage.


There is a wide variety of other rubber moulded components that can be made, including rubber isolators, plugs, pads, mounts, seals, suction cups, O-rings, and washers.


Each is designed to serve a particular purpose and is exceptionally useful in industry. Contact Delta Rubber today for a quotation on our rubber moulded components.


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