What is a CNC Machine?

As part of our wide variety of services and products offered, we also offer those produced with the help of CNC Machining.


CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is an electro-mechanical device that manipulates tools to produce certain products, designs, and prototypes from a software file.

CNC machining was first seen in the 1940s with their analogue predecessor, which made use of a punched tape process, but today they have a far wider range of applications and continue to develop into more advanced technology.


CNC machines can take a particular piece of material, such as a block of wood, or a section of metal or plastic, and sculpt a particular product from it, based on the software specifications to make that particular prototype.


The CNC machine derives its instructions from a Computer Aided File or a Computer Aided Manufacturing file so that it can perform the sculpting and cutting process. These files serve as the blueprint for the prototype that is to be carved and produced.


The accuracy created by CNC machining in developing the prototype, and speed, is astonishing, being able to interpret instructions from a design to create and cut almost any specification.


CNC machines are designed in such a way that they can make use of a variety of different tools to make the necessary cuts and create the prototype with precision, moving the tools along a variety of axis, and in some cases even flipping the product over. The use of a CNC machine takes a great deal of human error out of the equation and minimises human intervention.


Types of CNC Machines


Two types of CNC machines are found in industry, being those using conventional machining technology and those using novel machining technology. In the former, drills, milling machines, and lathes are the typical tools of choice on these machines. In the latter instance, using novel technology, CNC machines come with a variety of more advanced tools, such as electrical or chemical machining, including electron beam machining, ultrasonic machining, electrical discharge machining, or photochemical machining. These types of CNC machines also make use of a variety of other cutting mechanisms such as laser cutting, water-jet cutting, or plasma cutting, to name a few.


Whatever prototype you are looking for, contact Delta Rubber in Johannesburg today so that we can assist you with our CNC machining services to create the perfect prototype for you.


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