Compression moulding basics

Compression moulding is used to mould elastomers by inserting uncured rubber in the cavity of a mould. The mould is then closed, heat and pressure is applied to close the mould and enable surplus material to overflow into grooves. When the curing process is finished, the mould is opened, and during demoulding, the flashing is removed.
This approach is ideal for hard or difficult-to-flow materials. Compression moulding is also suited for low-volume applications, big parts, and the use of pricey materials.

Materials used for compression moulding
Delta Rubber uses natural rubber and synthetic polymers for compression moulding, including EPDM, silicone, nitrile, butyl, fluoroelastomers and chloroprene

Compression moulding products
Typical applications for compression moulding include:
• Rubber bushes
• Industrial mining components
• Rubber gaskets and seals
• Electrical components
• Automotive parts

Advantages of compression moulding
• It is a simple process compared to other moulding and manufacturing processes.
• It has lower tooling costs than injection moulding since it doesn’t require special equipment.
• It is excellent for producing large items and thicker parts because it involves loading the material directly into the mould cavity. As a result, the compression moulding process is not subject to part weight limitations.
• It is cost-effective for short production runs due to its lower tooling and setup costs.

Disadvantages of compression moulding
• While compression moulding has many advantages, it also has a few disadvantages.
• It has a higher chance of post moulding costs since more parting flash may result in control issues and require hand trimming, adding cost.
• It has a slower processing time since it takes longer for material to reach a cured state. This can affect production rates and costs in projects with significant volume runs.
• It’s not suitable for complex designs because of flow limitations within the mould cavity.

Contact Delta Rubber for details
If you require compression moulding for your specific application, please contact a representative from Delta Rubber today.

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