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CNC Machining
Delta Rubber has invested in CNC Machines with Milling and Lathe capabilities, combined with the technical personnel to operate the equipment. Delta Rubber is in the position to design and manufacture steel and aluminium moulds in-house. With the CNC equipment, we design and manufacture moulds for our existing clients, as also, for new clients in terms of strict specification and in accordance with the tooling design required.

Delta Rubber provides a full range of services including die 2D and 3D Milling, Solid Modelling and design, Mould and Jig manufacture, CNC Production Milling and CNC Programming. Added, is our support services to provide, Die maintenance and Die repairs.

From design to completion, ALL work is performed under our total commitment to our Quality standards and assuring on-time delivery of high quality Dies, Tooling and Production parts.

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