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Notice: Office Closure

Offices will be closed from 1.15 pm on Friday 20th September 2019 and open again on the 25th September 2019 at 7 am. Wishing all our clients a safe and enjoyable HERITAGE DAY on the 24th September.

Welcome to Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd

Rubber in all its various forms, either Natural or Synthetic is a wonderful substance formulated for applications; forms things we ride on, seals off a variety of fluids, eliminate vibrations, convey materials, isolate electrical currents and too many other applications to mention. By processing this gift of nature, or its man-made version, through research and development, Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd can supply a useful, superior product available to a large sector of consumers. Delta rubber (Pty) Ltd is committed to building and maintaining an excellent reputation for quality products, prompt delivery and cost effectiveness of its products according to customer specifications. Read More...